Get the most out of your skid steer loader’s versatility and replace less-efficient machines by equipping your loader with tough, time-saving Bobcat attachments and implements that empower you to tackle major projects with professional-grade results.

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Angle Broom

This Bobcat attachment is equipped with a high-torque motor and polypropylene wafer bristles, making it ideal for landscaping, demolition and snow-removal applications. It lets you sweep away dirt, dried mud, light snow and other debris quickly. Whether you are sweeping driveways, sidewalks, parking areas, loading docks or warehouses, you can trust this hydraulically driven Bobcat attachment.


This high-torque, heavy-duty hydraulic auger gives you speed and perfect vertical accuracy. Its unique “knuckle-joint” design allows it to hang perfectly vertical on flat or uneven terrain. The entire drive unit follows the bit into the hole, adding 30 cm more dig depth than a standard unit. This is the ideal tool for drilling holes for posts, piers, poles and trees in all kinds of soil conditions. Choose from 3 types of bits to best suit the ground conditions (standard, heavy and rock) and from numerous widths to best meet your hole-width requirement.


Transform your Bobcat loader into a powerful, economical and versatile excavator with our backhoe. This tool is ideal for landscaping and nursery work, sewage systems and septic tanks, water and power lines, as well as many other jobs.

Bale Fork

The pair of small diameter forks offer benefits over a single fork. They stabilise the load by balancing round bales and securing uneven bales.

Boring Unit

Save the time and expense of tearing up sidewalks, driveways and other paved areas to install irrigation lines or power and communication cables. The hydraulically powered attachment bores horizontally to accommodate pipe or cable up to 10 cm in diameter. After boring, it can pull the pipe or cable through the hole.

Box Blade

The laser box blade is designed for precise grading and has a grade accuracy of 6 mm. The box blade without laser is intended for rough grading and landscaping applications. Both heavy duty box blades have a 214 cm grading width and a reversible cutting edge for longer life.


Bobcat breakers offer high performance, low maintenance, and are easy to use. All breakers feature a frame with a cylindrical design, providing improved access to jobs in confined areas. All breakers have a silenced housing as standard.

Brush Saw

  • The Bobcat brush saw attachment is a quick, convenient way to remove unwanted brush. It’s ideal for cutting firebreaks, clearing pastures and grasslands, and cleaning road and utility line right-of-ways. The brush saw can cut slightly below ground level to minimise stumps often left by tree shears. The steel deflector shields protect the operator and loader from flying debris.

Brushcat™ Rotary Cutter

Handle tough brush clearing and landscaping applications easily with the Brushcat™ rotary cutter. This attachment easily cuts through the toughest grass and brush while mulching small branches and saplings up to 7.6 cm in diameter. This tool is ideal for clearing lakefront property, construction sites, power line access roads, trails and ditches.

Bucket, Dirt

Ideal for everything from digging to material handling. Dirt buckets offer good cutting-edge visibility and excellent bucket breakout force for better digging and easier bucket filling.

Bucket, Construction/Industrial

The strongest of all Bobcat buckets. Ideal for everything from tough digging to material handling. Construction/industrial buckets offer good cutting-edge visibility and excellent bucket breakout force for better digging and easier bucket filling. Heavy-duty construction/industrial buckets offer even more features required for severe-duty use.

Bucket, General Purpose

  • General purpose buckets have a longer bottom than the dirt style. They offer excellent cutting-edge visibility and good breakout force. General purpose buckets are ideal for light duty and medium duty grading and levelling applications as well as material handling.

Bucket, Low Profile

These buckets have a longer bottom than the construction/industrial style. They offer excellent cutting-edge visibility and good bucket breakout force. Low Profile buckets are ideal for grading and levelling applications as well as material handling.

Bucket, Load & Carry

Ideal solution for carrying light construction materials, hops or seed, engineered for easy filling and reduced spillage.

Bucket, Combination

Dozing, grappling, levelling, digging, loading and dumping. This multi-purpose bucket does it all. Use it on demolition, construction, landscaping and municipal jobs. It’s designed to provide optimum digging force and the interlocking serrated grapple edges hold objects securely.

Bucket, Fertiliser & Grain

Fertiliser buckets have large capacities and more roll-back range. The greater roll-back allows granular materials to be easily held in the bucket by minimising spillage over the front edge. Applications include fertiliser and grain handling.

Bucket, Skeleton

Bobcat skeleton buckets are excellent for separating unwanted objects, such as rocks and other debris, from work areas while leaving finer material behind that can be cultivated or landscaped.

Bucket, Snow & Light Material

Because snow is relatively light compared to soil, gravel or other construction materials, the capacity of the snow bucket is much greater than those usually used in construction. The back of the snow bucket is also higher, which lets you push more snow without having it flow over the top. Spill guards are available, they are meant to protect the operator, door, tilt cylinders and the Bob-Tach pivot area from debris that spills over the back of the bucket.

Concrete Mixer

Turn your Bobcat loader into an efficient concrete mixer with this rugged, cost-effective attachment. The Bobcat concrete mixer attachment lets you mix, transport and dump concrete much more quickly than a traditional stand-alone mixer and wheelbarrow. The attachments compact size makes it perfect for sidewalks, driveways, finish work, and footings and floors of small buildings. It’s great for working in hard-to-reach or limited-access areas.

Concrete Pump

This powerful attachment puts concrete right where you want it and is built to last. Pumps concrete up to 75m horizontally and two stories vertically. The hose is easily routed through small openings, under decks, through bushes and around other common obstructions. It reduces damage to turf and underground utilities caused by using large concrete trucks.


The digger is ideal for nurseries and landscaping applications. Use this multiple-use attachment to dig, trench, remove rocks and stumps, transplant trees and shrubs, carry and plant balled and burlapped trees, as well as loosen hard-packed soil.

Dozer Blade

Turn your loader into a mini crawler with the dozer blade. Expand the versatility of your compact tool carrier with the 6-way adjustable blade with electric-over-hydraulic controls and the reversible 3-piece cutting edge. The 6-way dozer blade can be angled plus or minus 30° degrees and oscillates plus or minus 10° for great flexibility under varying dozer conditions. Use this attachment to level, pile and grade loose dirt, gravel and sand; to backfill and shape landscape areas. This heavy-duty tool is also ideal for construction applications.

Drop Hammer

The drop hammer is intended for demolition of large surface areas such as concrete roads and driveways. This high productivity breaker is reliable, easy to transport and delivers an unmatched breaking force.

Dumping Hopper

Park it, load it and dump it. This attachment mounts as easily as a bucket on your loader and can go wherever your loader goes. Empties fast and easy, just raise the loader arms and dump. Flat, smooth interior surfaces prevent materials from sticking.

Forestry Cutter

Take trees and underbrush from unsightly overgrowth to mulch in minutes with the Bobcat forestry cutter. The forestry cutter leaves a carpet of mulch behind when clearing trees and brush for pre/post disaster mitigation, utility line and road right-of-way maintenance, site preparation, orchard and vineyard maintenance. Use it to cut firebreaks, clean lots and maintain property with ease. The use of the Forestry Cutter attachments requires the Forestry Applications kit to be installed on the loader (T590 also requires the Counterweight).

Bobcat Machinery in work

Flail Cutter

The flail cutter is ideal for cutting overgrowth on construction sites as well as alongside roads and sidewalks. It adjusts to follow ground contour.


Turn your Bobcat loader into a high-performance grading machine. The six-way hydraulically controlled blade is easy to operate with switches located on steering levers. Optional laser control system offers more precise control and saves concrete, time and labour.

Grapple, Farm – Utility on Bucket

This is the easiest way to handle loose hay, bedding and manure on the farm and other sites. Use the utility bucket by itself or add the hydraulic grapple for more gripping power.

Grapple, Farm – Utility on Fork

This is the easy way to handle loose hay, bedding and manure on the farm and other sites. Use the utility fork by itself or add the hydraulic grapple for more gripping power.

Grapple, Industrial

Built tough for reliability and endurance, the industrial bucket and fork with grapple will easily handle scrap, waste, brush and other hard-to-manage materials.

Grapple, Root

Built tough for reliability and endurance, the root grapple easily handles scrap, waste, brush and other hard-to-manage materials.


A landscaping must. It grades and levels in both forward and reverse and peels and removes sod. The deluxe landplane includes a bidirectional scarifier and removable screen to pulverise soil clods, aerates and sorts debris from soil.

Laser Equipment

The laser equipment offers the most innovative features to help you grade faster with increased accuracy.

Landscape Rake

The perfect landscape finishing tool. It rakes and collects surface debris as it smooths and levels the soil. Picks up rocks 19 mm and larger, as well as most 13 mm rocks. Adjustable side skis provide depth control.

Mixing Bucket

This rugged, cost-effective attachment lets you mix, transport and pour concrete much quicker than a standalone mixer. Its compact size makes it ideal for sidewalks, driveways, finish work, footings and floors of small buildings and hard-to-reach or limited access areas.

Pallet Forks, Hydraulic

Ideal to handle any kind of bulky or bagged material from fertiliser to seed and animal feed. Especially handy when working in tight areas or along narrow aisles.


Ideal for rough-cut applications, including road ditch right-of-way, golf course roughs and large acreage mowing. The mower has three partially overlapping blades that cut clean with no skips. It eliminates driving over the grass before cutting and provides excellent visibility of the work area.

Pallet Forks

Ideal to handle any kind of bulky or bagged material from fertiliser to seed and animal feed. Especially handy when working in tight areas or along narrow aisles.


Equipped with direct-drive, high-torque hydraulic motor. These low maintenance attachments efficiently mill asphalt or concrete. Planers feature hydraulic side-shift for planing close to walls and curbs. Consistent depth control and ski depth visible from the operator’s seat. Make precise adjustments with fingertip controls.

Pressure Washer

The Bobcat Pressure Washer is a versatile attachment that can be used to clean and sanitize streets, remove graffiti and even for railroad, bridge or tunnel maintenance. It’s dust free design enables the attachment to be used when laying asphalt, providing a clean surface for bituminous material laying. Designed to spray high pressured water on roads or any kind of surface that needs to be cleaned. Washing handgun with 20 meters hose reel makes cleaning effective and easy.

Rear Stabilisers

Increase your auger, backhoe or tree spade performance in a wide range of jobs with a set of frame-mounted rear stabilizers. Rear stabilizers improve performance by transferring the weight of the loader to the auger, backhoe or tree spade where it’s needed for better digging capability. Rear stabilizers also assist in levelling the loader on uneven terrain. Rear stabilizers are available for most Bobcat loaders and can be quickly mounted and removed.

Remote Control

Control your Bobcat loader without the need to be in the cab. This easily portable radio remote control system can be mounted on the carrier within minutes, compatible with all loaders equipped with a Selectable Joystick Control.

Rotary Grinder

The rotary grinder is a powerful attachment that consists of a double drum, driven by a completely integrated high-torque hydraulic motor. Due to its design, it permits very precise removal of material, without damaging adjacent structures and it can demolish complete structures and dig trenches in rocky ground or prepare asphalt or concrete surfaces for reparation.

Salt & Sand Spreader

Ideal for spreading in confined areas such as parking lots and pedestrian zones where larger equipment cannot be used. Also excellent for spreading fertiliser and seed.

Sand Cleaner

Keep the beach clean and quickly remove any litter by using the Bobcat Sand Cleaner. It allows you to sift the sand and collect debris as small as cigarette butts. Can be used on public beaches or private resorts, kid’s playgrounds, volleyball pitches, racing tracks, or farms.


  • Has the power to rip apart hard packed ground and prepare for digging or landscaping. The front scarifier has adjustable depth skids for pre-setting digging depth.


Use to remove stubborn, packed-on mud, snow and ice from driveways, sidewalks, parking lots, bike paths, wherever build-up occurs. Leaves a smooth surface for safer walking and driving. It easily removes carpet and floor tile as well.


Accurate seed placement and adjustable metering. Unlike broadcast seeders, the Bobcat seeder places the seed with the proper spacing and at precisely the right depth for better germination. It also eliminates broadcasting seed into unwanted areas. With a production rate of more than two acres per hour, the seeder is efficient and cost effective.

Silt Fence Installer

The silt fence installer attachment provides a more efficient and much more secure method of installing silt fence than the traditional methods of digging by hand or trenching.

Snow Blade

An excellent way to quickly remove light or moderate snow from sidewalks and driveways. Moldboard angles right or left up to 30°. High visibility masts help locate blade corners.

Snow Blower

Extend your Bobcat loader work into winter with a hydraulically driven snowblower. This attachment is ideal for clearing sidewalks, driveways and parking lots. Adjustable height skid shoes position cutting edge for gravel or pavement. Depending on model, throws snow up to 12 m.

Snow Pusher

Push snow with speed and efficiency from parking lots, driveways and building sites using the Bobcat Snow Pusher attachment. Available in 2.44 m and 3 m widths size matched to your loader and job.

Snow V-Blade

This versatile, hydraulically operated attachment offers five different blade configurations to help operators move snow fast. The blade has on-the-go fingertip control and angles 30° right or left to continuously push snow to either side of the loader, straight or scoop configuration to push large amounts of snow, or v-configuration to plough through the deepest snow.

Sod Layer

Whether laying sod is a normal part of your day-to-day operation or just an occasional chore, the Bobcat sod layer attachment can make the job go more quickly and efficiently. The sod layer attachment can carry and lay a roll of sod up to 1219 mm wide, making it ideal for larger landscaping jobs. And because it mounts to the front of a Bobcat loader, it’s manoeuvrable enough for those smaller jobs where space restrictions are a concern.

Soil Conditioner

A versatile, cost-effective landscaping attachment. It saves time and labour when smoothing ruts, moving material or levelling mounds. Produces a perfect bed for seeding and sodding.

Soil & Asphalt Spreader

The Bobcat soil and asphalt spreader is engineered to lay asphalt and other material in order to create sidewalks, widen existing roads or fill trenches saving time and labour.

Sonic Tracer

The tracer emits a sonic signal to maintain a set distance or elevation from an object, surface or the ground. Installed on the blade of the grader, the sonic tracer allows it to be used to grade, level and backfill on a multiple slope terrain, when following a string line, kerb stone or gutter or even on a previous pass for a grade control.

Steel Tracks

Improve performance in rough, rocky, and muddy conditions with steel tracks. Designed for Bobcat loaders, steel tracks provide better flotation and reduced ground pressure when operating in tough environments. When working in soft and loose conditions, steel tracks improve traction.

Stump Grinder

Grind tree stumps into mulch with the powerful action of the stump grinder attachment. Designed for maximum operating capability, the stump grinder mounts directly to the front of a carrier for easy manoeuvring in tight areas and positioning exactly where grinding action is needed. Mounted at a 90-degree angle to the operator, the stump grinder offers increased visibility to the cutting area, giving the operator the same wide view as with any pull-behind grinder. The stump grinder is the ideal attachment for landscaping contractors, homeowners with acreage, campus facilities, municipalities, and rental contractors. Stumps are eliminated even more quickly when used with machines equipped with high flow hydraulics.


This handy attachment sweeps, collects and dumps dirt and debris. In addition, it cleans up in forward or reverse. Perfect for cleaning parking lots, sidewalks, docks and warehouses. It can also be used to spread material evenly across a site. An optional gutter brush is available.


A great landscaping attachment. It quickly breaks up ground and mixes compost and other materials into the soil. Offset mounting permits tilling next to sidewalks, curbs and buildings.


Tilt-Tatch™ increases the versatility of Bobcat buckets, pallet forks and other attachments. This hydraulic tool can rotate an attachment 15° from centre to the right or left. Use it to keep loads level on sloping terrain or make a level cut on a hillside. You can even dig drainage ditches with the corner of the bucket.

Tree Transplanter, Convertible

Turn your loader into a tree harvesting unit with this rugged, dependable, attachment that is simple to operate and easy to manoeuvre. You can dig, transplant or package a tree without having to leave the comfort of your seat. The overlapping blades ensure clean root cutting and support of the root ball.

Trench Compactor

Packs soil after power, water lines or other shallow trenches have been installed in a yard, golf course, park, etc. Works efficiently in trenches 20 to 40 cm wide and up to 75 cm deep. Isolated vibratory shaker box is designed for long, trouble-free operation.


This versatile tool can be used for a variety of jobs ranging from light to high-production trenching. Digging depths range from 60 cm to 1.5 m. The side shift feature lets you get close to walls or fences.

Utility Fork

Handle materials easier and move faster with the utility fork attachment. The strong, replaceable, tapered teeth handle a variety of farm chores easily and efficiently.

Utility Frame

Weld this accessory to non-Bobcat attachments to convert to Bob-Tach™ mount.

Vibratory Roller

The ideal compacting tool for flatwork, trenches and asphalt patching jobs. Compacts while moving forward or in reverse. Offset drum design lets you get right next to sidewalks, walls or curbs. Drum oscillation keeps the roller in contact with the surface on uneven terrain.

Water Kit

When using attachments such as a vibratory roller, angle broom or sweeper, add the water kit to help reduce dust. The water kit for loaders includes two 53 litre tanks that mount on the uprights. Electric pump supplies water to nozzles on the attachment.

Wheel Saw

This rugged, powerful saw cuts through asphalt, concrete, frozen ground or wire mesh with more precision than air or hydraulic breakers. Use it for road repair and for laying water, gas, electric and fibre-optic cables. The trench cleaner raises and lowers hydraulically. Depending on model, cutting depth ranges from 15 cm to 80 cm.

Wood Chipper

The Bobcat wood chipper attachment grinds branches, trees and limbs, reducing branch volume 10 to 1. Unlike a pull-type wood chipper, the wood chipper attachment can easily be placed into backyards and remote areas with the manoeuvrability of a Bobcat loader. Hydraulic power feed is included as standard equipment. It allows the feed roller to move branches into the wood chipper at a consistent speed so the operator can work safely and efficiently.