Bobcat SA Website Merges with Goscor Earthmoving Equipment

Goscor Earthmoving Equipment are the proud distributors of Bobcat and SANY earthmoving equipment in South Africa. In the past, Bobcat had it’s own website where customers could view stock and make enquiries on. Now, Goscor Earthmoving Equipment has merged the old Bobcat South Africa website with their own, creating a new, more user-friendly, informative website for customers and potential customers to use.

In this article, we will unpack why the merger between the two websites happened and why it is potentially more beneficial for you as the customer. We will also allow you to explore the high-performing range of Bobcat Equipment South Africa available now from Goscor Earthmoving Equipment.

Why Did the Bobcat Website Merger Happen?

During recent research into the user experience of Goscor Earthmoving Equipment customers and online users, it was revealed that customers felt it was unnecessary and time-consuming to have two different websites and information portals for similar divisions of Goscor Earthmoving Equipment.

The marketing and branding team at Goscor wanted to give customers and online users a more streamlined experience, making it easier for them to get the information and specifications on machines they were interested in, all under one roof, so to speak.

Goscor Earthmoving Equipment decided to merge their Bobcat South Africa Pty Ltd website which housed all the information, products, accessories and specs of the Bobcat machines for sale and rent under the banner of the Goscor Earthmoving Equipment website which originally housed the same type of information on their SANY machines.

Now, Goscor Earthmoving Equipment is one website where you can view the SANY earthmoving equipment and the Bobcat machines we stock at once.

Are SANY and Bobcat Based at the Same Business Location?

Goscor Earthmoving Equipment is one business which proudly distributes both SANY heavy-duty earthmoving machines and Bobcat compact equipment in South Africa. We have offices in Johannesburg, Cape Town, Kwa-Zulu Natal, Northern Cape, and Lephalale.

How Clients will Benefit from the Bobcat Site Merger

Want to know why it’s significant to you, our loyal customers, that we have completed this website merger? Here are the main reasons why this merger will mean quicker access, more efficient information, and better service to you.

#1 – Easier access to all earthmoving services

With this merger, you will have easier access to one site where all our earthmoving services, equipment, and accessories can be found. You will find everything from our range of heavy-duty machines to our lighter, compact machines in one place. You will also be able to view our pre-owned machines available and get information on our parts and service division too.

#2 – Improved user experience with a comprehensive and user-friendly interface

The entire website has been given a facelift to ensure a user experience that is easier, quicker, friendlier, and more efficient. We aim to save you time and money and that means not having to spend hours finding the information or specifications you need online.

#3 – Availability of a wider range of earthmoving products

With all of the earthmoving equipment and products available together on one website, we aim to make it easier for you to find all of the equipment you might need at once. For example, you may be browsing for a Bobcat skid steer loader but come across a SANY excavator that you might need as well.

Explore our Range of Bobcat Equipment and Contact Us Today!

At Goscor Earthmoving Equipment, we offer a range of Bobcat machines ideal for applications across various industries. Check out our Bobcat equipment range available on the new Bobcat website now:

To find out more about the Bobcat compact machine range for sale and rent from Goscor Earthmoving Equipment, contact us today or request a quote now.