Safety Concerns When Using A Front End Loader

When using any kind of heavy-duty machinery or earthmoving equipment, like a front-end loader, safety is paramount. Safety in terms of operating the machine for best performance, as well as the safety of the operator and other members of the team working in and around the machine.

We’ve put together a comprehensive guide on the front-end loader safety measures that should be in place when operating the machine. By following these safety guidelines, you’ll be able to avoid injury and get the maximum use and benefit out of your machine.

Front loader

Front-End Loader Safety Measures

Operating a piece of machinery like a front-end loader, safely may seem like stating the obvious. However, it has been seen time and again how accidents can happen easily when negligent operating of earthmoving machinery occurs, putting both lives and project deadlines at risk.

At Goscor Earthmoving Equipment, we pride ourselves on making sure that every customer we interact with, clearly understands how to safely operate the machines they buy which includes understanding the basic principles of operation, having skilled operators on site at all times, making sure a daily inspection is conducted, and creating a regular maintenance plan for every piece of machinery.

Always have a skilled operator

Front-end loaders are heavy-duty earthmoving equipment that should only be operated by a certified and skilled operator. A front-end loader job description entails understanding the following;

  • How the machine functions?
  • How to safely operate the machine under all conditions
  • How to stop the machine in case of emergency
  • How to check for defaults and defects

We only advise employing someone to drive and operate your front-end loader that has an up-to-date front-end loader operator certification. A certified operator needs to be able to not only work the machine but know how to handle it in different conditions and in cases of emergency.

Make sure all safety features are in use

As part of the safety features of every machine, there are a variety of safety measures and features that should be used every time the front-end loader is in operation. These include roll-over protection bars in the cab of the loader and safety belts inside the cab too. It can be easy to get complacent and not worry about these measures, but accidents happen easily, and these simple features could mean the difference between life and death.

Complete Inspection Checklist before every use

Certified operators are taught to inspect the machine before use. It is well worth creating a detailed front end loader daily inspection sheet that other members of the team like the manager, site inspectors, and assistants can all participate in if the operator is busy. A front-end loader inspection checklist should include:

  • Tyre inspection for pressure and damage
  • Loose, worn, broken or damaged parts
  • Fan belt tension or wear and tear
  • Leakage from oil, fuel, water or coolant
  • Damage to battery and other connections
  • Mirrors, glass and windows – should be clean and unobstructed

The front-end loader training manual that all operators and owners should be trained on, encourages that the front-end loader be inspected both inside and outside before every use. Obvious problems, damage or leakages can be picked up easily if the machine is being inspected like this on a regular basis.

Regular Maintenance and Safety Checking

Like any kind of vehicle or machine, regular maintenance is the best way of ensuring the safe operation and longevity of your machine. Some customers think it’s only important to fix a problem when it manifests, but we believe that when it comes to earthmoving machinery, if you maintain the machine well, you can ensure the following;

  • Snags, errors or damage can be picked up early and can be addressed
  • The machine is kept in excellent working order, for longer
  • You can avoid down time by ensuring the machine is fixed before a major error causes it to breakdown.

When you buy a SANY front-end loader from Goscor Earthmoving Equipment, we will supply you with a detailed inspection checklist that should be carried out daily. We will also put together a detailed service and maintenance plan to ensure your machine is getting regularly checked and maintained to keep it in excellent working order.

Are you keen to understand more about how to safely operate a front-end loader, or what kind of training you should be putting your staff and site management through? Chat to the experts at Goscor Earthmoving Equipment now and we’ll gladly give you all the detail you need to ensure you maintain an excellent safety record for all your earthmoving machinery.

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How to scoop with a front-end loader?

Learning how to operate and scoop with a front-end loader needs to be done by a certified operator who has been taught how to safely operate this kind of machine.

What gear to wear when operating a front-end loader?

PPE or personal protective equipment and high-visibility gear should be worn at all times when operating a front-end loader.

What can cause a front-end loader to lose stability?

If you do not know how to safely operate a front-end loader accidents like tipping or losing stability can happen. To safely operate a front-end loader, you should be skilled and certified to do so.

Do front end loaders overturn?

Yes, they can. To minimise injury, the safety procedures like roll-over protection bars and the safety belts should be in use at all times.