The Different Uses Of Motor Graders

Road grading is an important part of road construction, but did you know that there are different types of motor graders including different uses? Motor graders come in a few different varieties, and each one has its own unique set of uses. It can be hard to know which type of motor grader is right for your specific industry and application though.

Goscor Earthmoving Equipment has all the information you need about motor graders. We have a wide selection of road graders for sale, as well as a range of attachments that will let you get the most out of your machine. Read on to find out more about the various uses of a grader and the benefits of each.

What is a Motor Grader?

A motor grader is also called a road grader in the construction industry, and is an important piece of heavy machinery with many different uses. A grader consists of a tractor type set up, with the driving house fitted into between two sets of wheels, placed high up in order for the motor grader operator to be able to see up and over the wheel base. A long flat blade or shaft can be found between the two sets of wheels as well as at the front of the machine and is used to create a flat surface, clear of debris.

What are motor graders used for?

The main grader machine use is in the construction industry when surfaces need to be graded or levelled before concrete or other forms of material can be laid down. Grader uses in the construction industry include:

  • Roadworks including streets and highways
  • Construction of parking lots
  • Laying foundation for home building or other types of building construction
  • Creating inclines or slopes for construction work

Apart from the above uses of graders in road construction, there are several other grader uses in a variety of different industries, making these heavy-duty construction machines important parts of any construction, engineering, earthmoving and agricultural project.


In the earthmoving industry, motor graders are used to dig and move soil and earth from one location to another. This is often done as a first step in clearing ground for construction to take place thereafter.

Road Maintenance

In countries where it snows regularly, or thick ice build-up occurs, motor graders are used by road maintenance teams to help plough snow and clear ice on roads in order to make them safer for motorists to drive on.


Graders are used in the farming industry to clear tracks of land in order for farming to take place. Once the grader has cleared the land, other heavy machinery used for agriculture can be used to prepare the soil for planting etc. Graders can also be used for agriculture to clear roads on farms too.

What attachments can be used on motor graders?

There are a variety of attachments that can be put onto motor graders in order to enable them to do more. This increases the range of the motor grader uses list even further to include;

  • Trenching – when adding a ripper attachment (which is a unit that looks like a claw) to a motor grader, it can be used for digging trenches and ditches for a variety of applications like road maintenance, creating drainage systems and more.
  • For deep snow removal, a V-plow attachment can be added to a motor grader to make it more efficient in ploughing and clearing snow. The V-plow attachment not only clears the snow but can be used to dig and lift it out of the way too.
  • A mixing attachment can transform a motor grader into a mixer too. On construction sites, when a mixer is needed, it can work well to improvise with a mixing attachment on a motor grader.

How to know you’re getting the best motor grader for your needs?

When it comes to knowing what type of motor grader or attachment you need for your project, there are a few important questions you need to ask in order to clarify your needs:

  • What industry are you in?
  • What project are you completing?
  • What are the specifications of your project and what do you need to achieve?
  • Do you require a standard grader or do you require attachments too?
  • Are you looking to buy or rent a grader?

Once you’ve understood a bit more about your needs, it’s time to contact a trusted heavy-duty, earthmoving machine company that you can trust. Goscor Earthmoving Equipment is the proud distributor of the world-famous SANY brand of earthmoving machines. We offer class-leading equipment as well as the highest level of before- and after-sales service possible.

Contact us today or request a quote now.


How does a road grader work?2022-12-08T09:55:49+02:00

A road grader uses its long, sharp blade or shaft to clear a surface area of soil or debris.

In which industries can a motor grader be used?2022-12-08T09:55:00+02:00

Motor graders are predominantly used by the construction, road maintenance, earthmoving and agricultural industries.

What are the application areas of a motor grader?2022-12-08T09:54:08+02:00

Graders are mainly used to move and flatten out soil in order for surfaces like cement or concrete to be laid.

What are the uses of a grader?2022-12-08T09:53:20+02:00

Motor graders are used in the construction industry to grade and flatten roads and other surfaces for construction. They are also used for ploughing snow and ice, and for moving earth and soil.

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