The Power and Capabilities of 20 Ton Excavators

20-ton excavators are used in large-scale construction and engineering projects thanks to their power and performance, but what exactly are they capable of in real terms? At Goscor Earthmoving Equipment we live and breathe earthmoving equipment, and get pretty excited when asked what the capabilities of some of our ranges and models are.

In this blog, we will unpack the power and performance of our SANY 20-ton excavator range. We will tell you why the power and capabilities of SANY 20-ton excavators are perfect for your business. With dimensions and specifications like these, you can’t go wrong.

What is a 20-Ton Excavator?

An excavator is a large, heavy-duty construction machine that is used to dig and move earth, rocks, and other materials. It is also commonly known as a digger or a backhoe. Excavators consist of a long arm or boom with a bucket or scoop on the end that can be rotated and moved up and down using hydraulic cylinders.

Excavators are commonly used in construction, mining, and other industries for tasks such as digging foundations, trenching, demolishing buildings, and loading trucks with soil or other materials. They come in a range of sizes, from small mini-excavators that can fit through narrow spaces, to large excavators that can weigh over 100 tons and reach heights of over 100 feet.

In terms of the 20-ton excavator specifications in particular, these models have operating weights of between 20 – 22 tons, making them extremely robust machines capable of moving and excavating large loads. 

Which Brand Produces the Best 20-Ton Excavators?

At Goscor Earthmoving Equipment, we proudly stock earthmoving machines from leading global manufacturer, SANY. SANY’s range of heavy-duty machinery includes machines like excavators, front-end loaders, graders and rollers.

In the excavator range, you’ll find two models in the SANY 20-ton excavator range. The SANY SY210C and the SANY SY215C models. Both models have operating weights in the 20-ton region and can tackle the most demanding earthmoving applications needed on tough South African construction sites.

Let’s learn more about the key features of the SANY 20-ton excavator range and why you should consider choosing a SANY earthmoving machine for your next project.

Key Features of the 20 Ton Excavator

There are four main features of the 20-ton range from SANY that make these machines so powerful and much sought after in the industry:

#1 Operating Weights

The SANY 20-ton excavator range typically has an operating weight of around 20,000 kg, making it suitable for a range of construction and excavation tasks. This means it can handle loads of around 20 tons – slightly more or less too.

#2 – Digging Depth & Reach

Digging depth pertains to the maximum depth at which the excavator can dig, and the reach is how far out the bucket can go when digging. In the 20-ton range, the maximum digging depth can range from 5.9 meters to 6.5 meters, depending on the model.

SANY 20-ton excavator bucket capacity is another important feature in this range as it pertains to the size and depth of the bucket itself. The SANY SY210C has a bucket capacity of 0.93m3 and the SANY SY215C has a bucket capacity of 1m3 – meaning both machines can handle a bucket capacity load of up to 1,3m3.

#3 – Engine Capacity

Engines and engine capacity are important features of any excavator because it determines the type and makes of the engine that drives the machine itself. The 20-ton excavator range is powered by Cummins or Mitsubishi engines, which provide high power and torque for efficient digging and loading operations.

#4 – Engine Power

The power of the engine pertains to the rated power or power output of the engine itself. The 20-ton excavator series offers rate engine power ratings of between 104kW and 114kW.

Other key features that are considered essentials when it comes to excavators in this class include:

  • Boom and arm length
  • Cab dimensions
  • Hydraulic systems
  • Fuel efficiency
  • Maintenance requirements

How to Choose the Right 20-Ton Excavator for Your Business Needs

Before deciding on the type of excavator you require, whether it be in the 20-ton range or any other excavator type, it is important to be clear on your project requirements. Make sure you are clear on these key elements of your project in order to make the right decision when it comes to investing in an earthmoving machine:

  • What are my project requirements in terms of capacity?
  • What type of load is required to be excavated?
  • What does the site look like and can it be accessed easily or not?
  • What is my timeline for the project?
  • What is my budget?
  • Do I require the expertise of a machinery supplier that will partner with me in terms of machinery, expertise, operators, maintenance, and after-sales service?

Once all these questions are clear in your mind, the next step is to call Goscor Earthmoving Equipment. We not only offer a range of earthmoving machines to choose from, but we also offer expert parts and servicing, finance, and more.

In the SANY Excavator range, you’ll be able to choose from these excavator models:

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