Things To Consider When Buying An Excavator

Here’s the thing, you’ve got a large construction project about to start and you know you need an excavator for it. However, you don’t really know where to start in deciding what type of excavator will be best for your needs – are we right?

Luckily for you, Goscor Earthmoving Equipment has got you covered. We understand that buying the right excavator can be a daunting task. With all of the different brands, models, and features available it’s hard to know which one is right for your project needs.

That’s why we’ve created a guide on how to choose an excavator. Our guide covers everything from what type of excavation work you will be doing to what size machine will best fit your needs.

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How to Choose the Right Excavator?

Pre-planning is the most essential part of any kind of construction project. When you plan, you can get a clearer understanding of your project requirements, which will be broken down further into exact requirements for every step of your process. Understanding key factors that should be considered in order to know which is the best excavator to buy, will enable you to make the best decision right from the get-go.

6 Factors to Consider Before Buying an Excavator.

If you consider these six factors on what to consider and look for when buying an excavator, you’re sure to make an informed and correct decision about the performance capabilities of the excavator you need:

#1 – Size

There are a wide range of excavators out there. At Goscor Earthmoving Equipment we distribute SANY excavators that come in a variety of sizes, which includes differing rated power. When pre-planning, ask yourself, do you need a small or large excavator for your project? What kind of power output do you require of your excavator?

#2 – Power Source

Do you have a requirement around how your excavator should be powered? Can it be an electric excavator or does it need to be diesel-powered? Your decision may be influenced by where your site is located and what your budget is.

#3 – Operating Weight

What operating weight do you require the excavator to be able to work at? Which means what is the amount of weight you need your excavator to be able to lift and move around? At Goscor, our range of excavators have operating weights of between 14000 kgs and 95 800kgs.

#4 – Digging Depth

How deep do you need your excavator to be able to dig? What type of holes are you requiring as well – do you need foundations dug for construction or do you need trenches dug for roads? Another important factor to consider is what size of bucket do you require of your excavator? At Goscor, our range of SANY excavators have varying bucket capacities of between 0.72m3 to 6.5m3.

#5 – Attachments

With SANY attachments, you will effectively be able to enable your excavator to perform other functions. Is this a requirement of your project? If so, what other tools would you like the excavator to be able to use?

#6 – Price

Last, but not least is the price. Every construction project will have a budget for machinery, what is your budget for an excavator purchase? Do you want to purchase an excavator out right or do you want to consider renting one?

Is Buying an Excavator a Good Investment?

At Goscor Earthmoving Equipment, we might be a little biased but we firmly believe that investing your money in a good quality excavator is a good investment. Apart from being able to perform the heavy-duty task you require to make your project a success, excavators can also benefit you in these ways:

  • With attachments, excavators can perform a variety of other functions too
  • An excavator is a long-term investment – it might cost initially to outlay finance for the machine, but once paid-off, you will not have to continue paying and it will continue to give you years of service

Why should you buy an excavator from Goscor Earthmoving Equipment?

We have been in the earthmoving machinery business for over 25 years, accumulating years of valued experience along the way. We are the sole distributor for SANY machines in South Africa and we also offer after-sales service in the form of a state-of-the-art servicing, parts and repairs division that is staffed by qualified technicians.

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