Why Graders Are An Essential Piece Of Road Machinery

Road projects can be complex and time-consuming – not only do you have to worry about the actual construction of the road, but you also have to take care that the grading and levelling of the road is done with precision too.

Motor graders are an essential piece of road machinery that can help you complete your road projects with more efficiency. They are an important link in the road construction and maintenance chain.

At Goscor Earthmoving Equipment, we have a selection of SANY road graders that each have an excellent specifications and features list for a variety of road projects. In this article, we’ll take a look at why graders are such essential pieces of road machinery, the different types of motor graders available as well as their uses.

Why are motor graders essential for road building and maintenance?

Working motor graders are the earthmoving machinery of choice when it comes to the construction of roads for a variety of reasons. Graders “finish off” or grader open areas very well thanks to the precision of the blade which can be angled and tilted to suit the specific terrain. They are not meant to do the heavy-duty clearing that bulldozers do, but rather the fine, precision grading that is required before roads can be laid.

To get the best out of a motor grader operation, there needs to be specific attention paid to certain working elements of a road grader:

  • The blade is responsible for most of the work a road grader can do. Making sure that the blade is in the best shape possible will yield the best results. A blade should never be worn out, in poor condition, or warped.
  • Keeping the angle of the blade changing will prevent it from wearing in a specific area only. Keep changing the blade angle and the blade to, to avoid excessive wearing out.
  • Efficient driving and operation of a motor grader is also essential for both performance and safety. A motor grader should be handled professionally, slowly and smoothly in order to prevent excess wear and tear on the blade and its parts.

Types of road graders

When it comes to the types of motor graders available to the South African market, there really are only two types of designs in the market right now. Motor graders are split into two categories based on their frames; rigid frame motor graders and articulated frame motor graders. A rigid frame motor grader has one axle, which allows it to limit turning capacity. Articulated frame motor graders has two axles (one in the rear and one in the front) with a pivot joint or hinge in between to allow it to turn more sharply and be able to maneuver better in small spaces.

Uses of road graders

There are a few main reasons why you’ll always see a road grader at the side of the road when new roads or highways are being constructed. They are the go-to earthmoving machine for most road construction companies. Here’s a few more motor grader specifications that make them such excellent pieces of road machinery:

  • Graders prepare the base layer of ground, creating a wide, flat surface on which roads can be laid
  • Graders can also be used to smooth out certain foundations like soil and other materials on top of the base layer before a road is put down, or a building is constructed.
  • Graders can be used to create inclines for roads as well as to create chambers or slopes to the sides of roads, which is essential for drainage
  • They can be used to dig drainage ditches along the sides of roads when using a specific attachment.

Who is the best road grader supplier in SA?

Looking for a road grader for your road building or maintenance project? Want to invest in a reliable machine that lists performance and capability as their top features? Look no further than Goscor Earthmoving Equipment for a range of motor graders that can meet your needs. As part of the Goscor Group of Companies, we offer state-of-the-art service, parts and maintenance division for all our earthmoving machines too, ensuring you never have to deal with downtime or delays.

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Why are Graders Important in Road Construction?2022-12-09T08:38:01+02:00

Thanks to the blade and blade angle of motor graders, they are ideally suited to create smooth surfaces for road construction, can create chambers or slopes on roads, and can create drainage ditches too.

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A motor grader is used to create long, smooth areas of land on which roads can be laid.

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